Besides conducting monthly bird walks and forest explorations, KENVO encourages and supports its members and other external researchers to undertake more detailed biological research within the forests and their environs. KENVO also conducts baseline surveys on the status of the forest for the IBA monitoring programme.

Since its inception, KENVO has conducted surveys and research – biological, socio-economic, ethnobotanical, ethno-ornithological etc in and around Kikuyu Escarpment landscapes. Unsurprisingly, this work has revealed that the predominant goal of the local farmers around the Kereita forest is to improve their economic standards. KENVO recognizes that tackling the entire spectrum of problems affecting the local community is a difficult and complex undertaking. However, KENVO still strives to demonstrate that non-consumptive utilization of the forest is both desirable and feasible in this landscape, and that the local community stands to benefit from such activities in the long-term. In conducting its research and effecting interventions, KENVO builds on recommendations and lessons learned from the previous studies.

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