What we do

KENVO’s major programs are:

  • Forest rehabilitation: This has been a key program for KENVO and is the impetus behind its formation. KENVO works to rehabilitate the degraded parts of the Kikuyu Escarpment Forest, emphasizing community involvement. They have been using this initiative to inform and educate members of the community on the importance of a healthy environment.
  • Youth empowerment: Owing to the large number of young people in the district, KENVO has developed various activities involving youth. KENVO offers mentorship programs as well as national and international exchange programs.
  • Eco tourism: The local area is endowed with extremely beautiful sceneries and wildlife. KENVO has therefore designed eco-tourism facilities to try to tap into this potential for eco tourism. The organization has partnered with the neighbouring community of Maasai to undertake this venture.
  •  School outreach: KENVO works with local schools in Lari District to catalyze environmental conservation activities within schools. This includes activities such as training students on basic bird-watching skills, assisting in the establishment and management of tree nurseries, guided nature and forest walks, park visits and hikes in the forest among many others.

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